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Frequently Asked Questions

-What is your return policy?

Due to the customization of these products, all orders are final. The consultation and communication throughout this process let you know exactly what you will be receiving. If a package is damaged during shipment, notify me IMMEDIATELY so we can properly resolve the issue. 

-Will you draw the design out for me first?

No, I do not draw the design out for you first.  I free hand all of my paintings directly onto the surface. Secondly, my "sketches" are nothing more than scribbles to remind me what goes where when I am painting. Put trust in me that I can make your ideas go a long way!

-What is your turnaround time?

Please inquire for

current turn-around time

-Can I wash my custom hand painted spirit jersey?

Absolutely! They are completely machine washable. I also include more detailed care instructions with each purchase.

-Can you paint me a custom item that is not listed on your website?

Absolutely! Please reach out to me anytime so we can discuss. 

-Can you accommodate bulk orders?

Of course I can!. If you need a bulk order for weddings, corporate events, bachelor parties, etc, I can accommodate you. This depends on the order size and when you need them by. To be safe, send me all of the information on the project and date needed by and we can begin the consultation process! I can't wait to work with you for your special event!

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